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Positive affirmations and imagery.       A myth. A stereotype. A self-perpetuating conditioning.       Black love = "the impossible"

This piece was was influenced by the lack of images pertaining to the black man and woman in the British gaze.

Purpose? More images of positive relations between a black man and a black woman.

Created by DKFASH

Body Art, Fashion OVIE, Linek

Cast Luke Wilson + DKFASH

Filmed & Edited by Urban Shotz. 

Song Cynthia Erivo - Signal

Produced by Initiative.dkf

Research Slide:

Mixed by Sir Loui featuring the voices of ‘research.’ Black voices on Black love, and extracts from the live version of Speechless  (instrumental) by Beyoncé.  


Vocals by Ainamore, Tiffany Scott-Vaughn, Emmanuel Imani, Dexter Banson, Ben Thomas


Black love is celebrating history, heritage and being proud of who you are in a world where we're constantly told we aren't worthy or are less than.

Blackness is associated with darkness, fear and evil whilst white

connotations are associated with purity, angelic being.

Black love to me is being defiant.

Together through love we can prove the world wrong.

Our love is strong and true and our love is beautiful."

Bola Agbaje



Conceptual Exhibition