What do I Bring?

Your smile! Water - keeping hydrated is paramount Flexible clothing - whatever clothing allows your body to be free. We encourage everyone to wear non-restrictive materials for fitness and or whatever makes you feel confidenfident, powerful, sensual or sexy! It’s all up to you. #nojudgement You may wish to bring a towel!

On Door Payments?

We operate via online ticket sales only. As a small team this helps us to have a strict policy when monitoring class numbers/attendees. You can purchase in advance, with termly deals.

Can I Join Any Time?

YES - you can book online for any week and show up! It’s best to arrive 10mins before class so you have time to change and give yourself time to find the studio/location on your first class.

Class levels?

Classes are currently designed to be widely accessible, and taught with the concept of nurturing how moves look on your own body. Our number 1 focus is your individual journey. We’re all about progression over perfection. With instructors including modifications along the way for challenging sections. You will be encouraged to be the best YOU can be at a pace which works for you - with many attendees leaving class surprising themselves with what they’re able to achieve.